Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kids' Guernica at Hachiman Elementary School in Tokyo

19 sixth-grade-students of Hachiman Elementary School in Tokyo exchanged their opinions on peace and created a Kids' Guernica peace painting on a huge canvas. They painted their own life-size figures holding hands together in front of their school. It represents their present peaceful life. A cloud in the right part shows an image of peace by living creatures while another cloud in the left does a image of war. The right bright image is painted in a upper part of the canvas and the left dark image is in a lower part. A rainbow is connecting these two clouds.
 Finally, all the students of the schools from the first garde to the sixth grade added a shower of cherry blossom by their fingers as a symbole of their wish for peace.
This peace painting was exhibited in the school art exhibition on November 25 and 26, 2016.

In the exhibition, Kids' Guernica performance was also shown including musical performance and fashion show of their original clothes.
All thestudents showed their improvised musical performance to express their wish for peace facilitated by the sixth grade students at the opening and the closing of the exhibition. The played the tone chime in the beginning and the end of their performance. The sixth grade students chose a typical Japanese tune of a cherry blossom song but some students said that peace was not only for Japanese people. Then they played all the twelve tones. At last, they chose their own favorite tones since peace is necessary regardless of nation, culture, age and gender.

They could received loud applause from the audience.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Wonderful Kids' Guernica in Setúbal, Portugul

A wonderful Kids’ Guernica peace painting was created in Setúbal, Portugal. Here is a report from the organizer of this project.

The Associação de Municípios da Região de Setúbal - AMRS, enthusiastically embraced the project Kid's Guernica, due to its historical, humanist and artistic relevance.
AMRS it’s an association that works the interests of its associated municipalities, located in Setúbal – Portugal.
In 2005, first launched the challenge to all schools from Setubal and, so then, all of its students would be able to work around this project.
Currently, it has already elapsed the 5th Edition, which included the participation of more than 3200 students, who worked with dedication and interest on the theme A Paz e os Valores de Abril - Peace and April Values. The choice of the theme for this edition was based on a historical and cultural reflection, that goes back to the April Revolution and the conquer of freedom and peace, and its intrinsic values, in order to celebrate forty-two years of April and 40 years since implementation of the of the Portuguese Republic Constitution (April 10, 1976), which proclaims, among various aspects, a sovereign Republic, committed in the building of a free, just and solidary society.
It is with great pleasure that we give to know, to your Committee, one more time, the work done by the Portuguese students, essentially their quality, and how, they’ve managed do gather all aspects from the Portuguese Republic Constitution, such as it’s fundamental rights, the liberty and guarantees conquered by Portuguese people in the April Revolution that were amazingly reflected in the over than 600 projects received.
Last June 3rd, it occurred in Barreiro – one of the municipalities of this association, the Kid’s Guernica Workshop in order to conclude the 5th Edition of this Project. It was possible to enjoy a party, thought especially for all participants and their teachers, which included a group of performers that made the delights of children.


Kid’s News

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kids' Guernica at Kubo Junior High School in Japan

Novemer 2016,  A new Kids’ Guernica was created by the 8th grade students of Kubo Junior High School in Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. In June, they visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and learned a lot about the tragedy of war and the importance of peace.
During the summer vacation, all the students thought how to make a huge peace painting and the basic composition was decided by some selected members of the students in September. After their discussion about the meaning of peace, each of the students thought about the content of this Kids’ Guernica peace painting. They pained his/her own image of peace on a piece of paper by water colors and color pencils. Finally, all of 111 students’ peace images were jointed together and it became a wonderful huge peace painting filled with their warm-hearted feelings. All the students were satisfied with their peace painting. On October 9, it was displayed at their School Cultural Festival and their parents and many local visitors appreciated it.

Coordinating Teacher

Yukiko Karatsu

Monday, September 12, 2016

Kids' Guernica in Hiroshina/ 2016

July-August, 2016  Various Kids' Guernica peace paitings were exhibited in Hiroshima.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kids' Guerica in Nagasaki/ 2016

A Collaborative Painting with U.S.A. and Japan
 August 06-19, 2016
Kids' Guernica exhibition  was held in Nagasaki to commemorate the 71th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing. Nagasaki children created new  peace murals for this exhibition and several Kids' Guernica paitings from foreign counties such as Poland, Italy and Indonesia were also exhibited.

 From Italy
From Poland

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kids' Guernica in Switerland

June, 2016
A new Kids’ Guernica peace painting was created in Gossau-Flawil, Switerland and it was sent to Japan for the exhibition in Nagasaki.

A report from Kiwanis Club Gossau-Flawil

In Fall 2015 I had the chance to join a Kiwanis meeting in Nagasaki. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Takeshi Fukushima (President of the Kiwanis Club Nagasaki) asked me to do a peace picture based on the Kid's Guernica project, since the Kiwanis Club Nagasaki likes to do an exhibition with four pictures from different regions of the world.

I could motivate the Kiwanis Club Gossau-Flawil to support the project and I found a teacher interested in this project also. Well, the project started. The Project Team Painter: Primary class of the Notker school building in Gossau with 22 pupil 4 without Swiss passport 6 with two parents that are foreigners 9 with one parent that is a foreigner There are the following nationalities represented by the children: Swiss, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, Austria, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Turkey

Initiator: Kiwanis Club Nagasaki Supporter: Kiwanis Club Gossau-Flawil. The Project Phases Draft creation Each pupil had to create a draft with the topic peace. 22 drafts were created.

Idea on the Artwork Children of all races holding each others hand are protecting the jewel earth. This atmosphere of peace is symbolized by the pigeons, which not only protect the earth but also the children. Further more the birds imply the existence of a superior power. The Work All pupil were strongly motivated to do this picture and were proud to present the result to the parents. The Project was a good experience for the children. They looked into the subject of peace, could do a group work and with the connection to Nagasaki in Japan, the feeling of a connection to a different part of the world was very exciting.

Stefan Taeschler,

President Kiwanis Club Gossau-Flawil

Kids' Guernica International Photo Exhibition in Nagasaki

June 11, 2016 
Kids' Guernica International Photo Exhibition was organized by Kiwanis Club Nagasaki and it was successfully inaugurated at Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture. Many photos of this exhibition gave a good opportuniy to overview the 20-year hisory of Kids' Guernica project. Not only photos but several real Kids' Guernica paintings were also exhibited in the venue including new peace paintings from Switerland, Italy and the United States.