Monday, August 15, 2011

Kids' Guernica in Katano City, Osaka, Japan

July, 2011
A Kids' Guernica peace painting was created in Katano City, Osaka, Japan.
Participating children thought on peace very seriously. They expressed their feeling of peace: Our globe has many countries as well as Japan. Various living things and plants are coexisting on the globe, which is connecting to the moon and the universe. Even though their languages are different, they can communicate each other through music, which is a common language. We really feel happy, when play together with our friends or do whatever we like. This is a peaceful moment. We wish for such a lasting peace which gives us a warm and joyful feeling.
All the participating children completed this peace mural with a single purpose. Symbol characters of Katono-city are painted on a rocket and a keybpard of a piano.