Monday, April 18, 2016

Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise from Nikko to Florida

April 2016      A collaborative project of Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise is going on. 

This collaboration started from Lamezia Terme, Italy  in March last year.  First, a symbol of Third Paradise project was drawn in the center of a Kids' Guernica size canvas. Then, it was sent from Italy to Cuba, Brussels, Bali Indonesia, Cambodia and Japan.  In each place, children added their images on the canvas. In Japan, it was moved to Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nikko. After the workshop in Nikko, it was sent to the United States. In Florida, an art teacher, Wafa Elska organized a  workshop of this collaborative project. Wafa reported that her students could learn a lot about respect of cultures, earth, people on working on this project. The canvas will be sent to Italy again soon. 

                                                    Previous Workshop in Nikko, Japan

Workshop in Florida, U.S.A.