Tuesday, February 23, 2021

KIDS' GUERNICAd in Setúbal,Portugal

You Tube Portuguese students facing COVID – 19 worked for the 7th Edition of Kid's Guernica Project

The Association of Municipalities of the Setúbal Region - AMRS, enthusiastically embraced the project Kid's Guernica, due to its historical, humanist and artistic relevance. AMRS it’s an association that works the interests of its associated municipalities, located in Setúbal – Portugal.

 In 2005, first launched the challenge to all schools from Setúbal and, so then, all of its students would be able to work around this project.

Due to world’s pandemic COVID-19 and the scenario the public health community fear right now, people all around the world are watching a deadly virus emerging spreading rapidly.  2020 saw the world united against this virus, from small personal gestures to protect others, to international collaboration on research and innovation.

Public and private organisms have their stories about how they rearranged their methodic work, facing limitations.

The relation between AMRS, their municipalities and schools, brought an individual e collective vision in order to maintain this Project. Gratefully, we've found the answer suitable to achieve the right response and it was with effort and pleasure that we built it with them.

The most challenging crisis we have ever faced also brought us the capacity, resilience, commitment and the tools needed to beat COVID-19 limitations. We’ve became more aware of the best practices during this pandemic, respecting the "stay home" measures, the closure of schools, businesses, and public places. The outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic was impossible to predict, but we didn´t stopped.

The 7th Edition of the Kid’s Guernica Project, who brought together over 5250 students to work the theme Participation as a tool for Peace and Equality, was interrupted, due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This theme was based on the importance of Participation and the fundamental role of children in society, through their ability to reflect about the act of Participating, taking part, intervening, sharing, denouncing, so it is a way to defend and promote Peace and Equality.

Schools and students, with our support, developed this work, facing gigantic limitations. In their behalf, AMRS and the municipalities of the Setúbal Region developed this video to signalize the 7th edition.

A Secretária-Geral

Sofia Martins


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Kids' Guernica at Shimura Daiichi Elementary School in Tokyo

December 2020, Shimura Daiichi Elementary school in Tokyo challenged Kids’ Guernica to show a huge painting for the school exhibition. 88 students of the sixth grade studied SDGs and decided to show “Happiness, Health, and Peace” in their painting. They thought they will not feel happy without solving racial discrimination and world worming.

They expressed happiness through painting hearts, peace through painting a rainbow, and no racial discrimination through a picture of holding hands. They also added some images of getting rid of Corona virus to wish the end of this pandemic. Many school programs were cancelled due to the pandemic but Kids’ Guernica gave a wonderful memory to them. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Kids' Guernica in Guardia Piemontese, Calabria in Italy

2020.08.25  Kids' Guernica peace paintings were exhibited in a town of  Guardia Piemontese in the region of Calabria in southern Italy. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Kids' Guernica Exhibition 2020 in Nagasaki

2020.08.06 Kids' Guernica Peace exhibition was held in Nagasaki as the 75 year anniversary of the atomic bombing.

"Peace and Music 2020" in Hiroshima

2020.08  Kids' Guernica was introduced in "Peace and Music 2020" in Hiroshima. A new Kids' Guernica from Cyprus was also shown as a part of it.



KIds' Guernica in Platania, Calabria, Italy

  2020.08  Kids' Guernica peace paintings were exhibited in Platania, the Calabria region of Italy.

The 25th Anniversary Exhibition at Espronceda Center for Arts and Culture in Barcelona

 2020.08 The 25th Anniversary Exhibition was held at Espronceda Center for Arts and Culture in Barcelona. It was also shown online.