Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kids' Guernica Collage in Onagawa, Japan

March, 2012
Nobinobi kids and children in Onagawa completed a collage for Kids Guernica. Nobinobi Kids is a volunteer group founded in Kanangawa for supporting children living in stricken areas of the catastrophic earthquake on 3.11 last year. Children from the age of seven to twelve participated in this art project. All of them suffered from the disaster. We asked them to paint and cut various shapes to create a beach scene. This art work consists of three parts. At the bottom of the painting, they drew the sea of Onagawa before the disaster. The middle parts shows their self-portraits. We took photos of their faces and printed them out in black and white. Then, they colored their photos by themselves. We hope everyone who see this art work can realize that children in the stricken areas are not sad now and they are trying to overcome their hard experience to enjoy their life again.
(Pproject leader: Masatomo Ohmiya )

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kids' Guernica in Akabanedainishi Elementary School

March 2012,  A Kids' Guernica Peace Painting was completed at Akabanedainishi Elementary School in Japan.

Kids' Guernica at Kawai Sansho in Japan

 March 8, 2012    A Kids' Guernica peace painting was completed by 48 students of the 6th grade at Kawai Sansho Elementary School in Japan.