Friday, February 1, 2013

A Wonderful Kids' Guernica in Mumbai, INDIA

January 7-13, 2013
The first Kids' Guernica of 2013 was successfully  completed in Mumbai, India. This unique painting was created in 7 day workshop by 31 blind, deaf- blind students from Kamla Mehta Blind School for Girls, The Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf; Deafblind and Happy Home; School For the Blind - In the same size as Picasso’s Guernica: 3.5 m × 7.8 m, at Kasturba Mahila Mandal Auditorium, opp. Matunga Road Rly Station West, Mumbai. For the first time, we, the Rotarians and the Lions" of Mumbai District have joined hands to execute "Kids Guernica" in the most unique way. The project, inspired by Pablo Picasso's masterpiece "Guernica",1937 to protest against the brutality of war, is an effort to give the message on world peace to the adult world, through the simple and cheerful vision of children. This painting will be sent for exhibition worldwide after a few shows around Mumbai. 

A Joint project of Rotary Club of Mumbai Goregaon West, 
Rotary Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park and Lions Club of Shivaji Park
KG ’13 Participating School Children 
Kamla Mehta Blind School for Girls
Vishakha P. Sing 10 years,  Sushmita S. Acharya  13 years,  Nisha H. Sing  10 years
Ankita P. Kamblekar 15
years, Anusha S Cheirla 9 years, Deepali M. Kamble 17 years
Prachi Lalji Gupta 15 years, Bhagyashri G.Ruggi 14 years, Shilpa Anil Mishra  13 Years
Komal Bhushan Paril 14 Years
The Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf & Deafblind
Santosh Rapolu 12 years, Rutika Mehta 12 years, Kajal Mandare 14 years 
Durgesh Bhalerao 9
years, Saurabh Chaugule 16 years, Jagdish Gupta  22 years
Senju Abrahim  21
years, Akbar Noorani  22 years, Sishna Anand  20 years
Shehnaz Shaikh  20
Happy Home & School for the Blind
Hasneu Shaikh 12 years, Kartik Devendra 13 years, Shrikant Rathi 11 years
Suryakant Surve 16 years,
Matin Bagwan 15 years, Ajay Gupta 14 years 
Shreyas More 13 years,  Gaurav Choudhary 14 years, Darshan Kamble 15 years 
Sandeep Yadav 11 years, Akash Mhade  15 years
Our Sincere Thanks to
Kamla Mehta Blind School for Girls
Directorl: Ms Suparna Ajgaonkar
The Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf & Deafblind
Ms. Beroz Vachha, Mr. Yogesh Desai
Happy Home & School for the Blind:
Ms. Meher Banaji
Ms. Surekha J. Jadhav, Ms. Sharayu S. Darade, Ms. Shobha C Gawade
Ms. Vaishali Allelu, Ms. Pradnya Masdekar, Ms. Shamim Shaikh
Ms. Swapna Ghodke, Ms. Anita Lopes
Mr. Ashok Karmakar, Ms. Geeta Koppikar, Mr. Hareram Das

Kasturba Mahila Mandal Auditorium

Pres. Sudhir Koppikar, Pres Satish Hattiangadi, Pres Sushmita Chowdhuri
Lion Amit Chowdhuri, PDG Shirish Jhaveri, VDG Santosh Chauhan