Thursday, December 7, 2017

Kids' Guernica at Hyogo International House in Kobe, JAPAN

December 03, 2017

A wonderful peace painting was created by children and foreign students from Asia and Africa such as Zambia, Togo, South Africa and Vietnam at Hyogo International House in Kobe. “Coexistence” was the main theme of this painting and each participant made his /her own painting on a jigsaw puzzle shapes. At first, they discussed with facilitators to decide the composition of this huge painting. There is a symbol of Kobe City in the center and other part of the canvas was filled with each one’s wish for peace. This painting shows coexistence of differences rather than uniformity.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Kids' Guernica + Third Paradise at Elementary School in Tokyo

November 17, 2017 
A wonderful Kids' Guernica and Michelangelo Pistolleto's Third Paradise painting was created by the sixth grade students of Horifuna Elementart School in Tokyo, Japan.
They found that the both projects had the same purpose to build a peaceful better world and decided to combine the both images in a huge canvas. Their peace painting was displayed at their school art exhibition on November 17-18.