Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kids' Guernica Exhibition at Montsouris in Paris

June 20-21, 2018  Kids' Guernica exhibition was successfully held at Montsouris Park in Paris to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Paris and Kyoto’s friendship. Many Kids' Guernica peace paintings created by children in Paris and Kyoto were displayed in this beautiful park.

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Kids' Guernica at Galleria Continua in France

June 16, 2018  A new collaboration of Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise was initiated at Galleria Continua in the suburbs of Paris. The participating local  children were enjoying painting a new big canvas in a very peaceful atmosphere of the country side. This new peace painting will be sent to another country to continue to paint.

Kids' Guernica at Tutti Frutti School, Brussels

June 15, 2018,   A collaborative workshop of Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise was held at Tutti Frutti School in Brussels, Belgium. Children were enjoying painting on a big canvas.

Kids' Guernica at Ecolint in Geneva, Switzerland

June 14, 2018,  A wonderful collaboration with Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise was successfully held with the presence of Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto at Campus des Nation, International School of Geneva in Switzerland.

More photos, Report from Ecolint

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Kids' Guernica at Kitakawasoe Elementary School in Japan

May 28, 2018,   A wonderful Kids’ Guernica painting was created by the sixth grade pupils of  Kitakawasoe Elementary School in Saga-city, Japan last year. In the period of Integrated Study, the pupils learned about peace and thought what they could for peace. Their school excursion to Nagasaki gave an opportunity to study about the misery of war and the important value of peace. They thought that they should tell what they had learned to as many as possible and decided to make a Kids’ Guernica painting. The executive committee of Kids’ Guernica led the workshop. After adding all the 94 pupils’ handprints, this peace painting was completed. They wish to express their thoughts to as many as possible.