Friday, June 29, 2012

Kids' Guernica at the Museum of President Jacques Chirac in France

June 2012   Within the framework of the exhibition Guernica at the museum of President Jacques Chirac, we proposed works of plastic art to the pupils of the Corrèze.from February till April, 2012.About 300 pupils collaborated to this educational project. In the term of these works, 258 children's works around the theme of the peace were created. During 4 days, pupils realized the last phase of the project by realizing a fresco in the size of the original board of Pablo Picasso.

In September, 2012, the monumental work will circulate in schools having participated in this project in Corrèze.

RigauI Vincent
Directeur adjoint

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kids' Guernica at Helene Lange School in Mannheim, Germany

June 23, 2012 
The young artists“ of the Helene-Lange-School have created in an exciting process step by step their joint peace mural. Since May 18 students from various classes have been working on this project. They stayed behind after school and even came Saturdays to the school, in order to complete the painting.
On 20th of June the mural was presented during an official ceremony in the court yard of the school to all.
At the same time, the sister school of the Helene Lange School, namely the village school „Miracles de Yahvé“ in Togo, have started with their preparations. The plan is to have the students there paint as well their peace mural. Since canvas and paints do cost a lot of money, the Helene Lange School intends to collect money for this purpose. It would be the first Kids' Guernica mural to be painted in Africa, and the children of this African school would have for the first time the opportunity to get to know the use of colours.
The aim is to have both murals be exhibited one day together with other murals during a Kids' Guernica event. The Kids' Guernica murals go very often on trips, in order to be exhibited in different parts of the world. Since the canvas can be easily rolled together, they can be transported easily as part of the baggage one takes with oneself anyhow.
Christa Kleinbub

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kids' Guernica in Tübingen, Germany

The Kids’ Guernica workshop in Tübingen was organized by a group of
young people who worked on a honorary basis to advance youth culture.
The project startet in May 2011 at three primary schools and ended with
a 3-day-festival on a central marketplace in the middle of Tübingen. A
complete program was created by the youth (see
Before that, a group of children painted a special mural linked to
Kids' Guernica, and to which they were introduced by the organizer and
artist Ines Dulay-Winkler. She was assisted by her team of young people
who are all very active within peace development. They talked with the
children about peace and war, explained the Guernica’s history, and
referred to the history of Tübingen. Of course, these talks included
instructions about different painting techniques. After that the
children started to paint
Kids’ Guernica in Tübingen was created by 28 children (age 6-20 years).
The mural depicts a kids interpretation of the original Pablo Picasso’s
“Guernica”. For more impression see

Ines Dulay-Winkler & JUKUTA -Team

Kunst Projekte Coaching
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D - 72074 Tübingen