Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kids' Guernica in Tübingen, Germany

The Kids’ Guernica workshop in Tübingen was organized by a group of
young people who worked on a honorary basis to advance youth culture.
The project startet in May 2011 at three primary schools and ended with
a 3-day-festival on a central marketplace in the middle of Tübingen. A
complete program was created by the youth (see
Before that, a group of children painted a special mural linked to
Kids' Guernica, and to which they were introduced by the organizer and
artist Ines Dulay-Winkler. She was assisted by her team of young people
who are all very active within peace development. They talked with the
children about peace and war, explained the Guernica’s history, and
referred to the history of Tübingen. Of course, these talks included
instructions about different painting techniques. After that the
children started to paint
Kids’ Guernica in Tübingen was created by 28 children (age 6-20 years).
The mural depicts a kids interpretation of the original Pablo Picasso’s
“Guernica”. For more impression see

Ines Dulay-Winkler & JUKUTA -Team

Kunst Projekte Coaching
Gartenstraße 37 / 1
D - 72074 Tübingen