Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kids’ Guernica at Nagasaki Prefectural Isahaya Junior High School, Japan

September, 2014     The 9th grade students of Nagasaki Prefectural Isahaya Junior High School created a Kids’ Guernica peace painting. The Culture Committee and Art Club members made a draft drawing and all of the 121 students painted it. They elaborately completed this painting only in two weeks and it was displayed at their school cultural fair.
The painting expresses their peace message from Nagasaki, an atombombed city. They wish peace prevail not only in Japan but also all over the world. While the right part of the painting shows a war in the past, the left side shows our peaceful present and future. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Huge Woodcut Print Kids’ Guernica in Saga, Japan

  A huge woodcut print Kids’ Guernica was created by 6th grade students of Higashiyoka Elementary School in Saga Prefecture, Japan. They visited Nagasaki as their school excursion and learned the sadness of war and the importance of peace at the nearest elementary school from the ground zero in Nagasaki.

  95 students of the 6th grade drew their own images of peace and they made them together to create a huge woodcut print. They cut their images on 18 plywood panels elaborately and each 4-6 students printed their woodcut on a piece of paper. Finally, they put all the 18 woodcuts together. Their wonderful woodcut Kids’ Guernica was exhibited in Saga Prefectural Art Museum.