Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Kids' Guernica Exhibition in Paris from June 19

April 18,  2018
A grand Kids’ Guernica Exhibition is planned in Paris from June 19. Now six schools in Paris started making their own Kids’ Guernica peace paintings. Finally, thirteen peace paintings will be created by different schools in Paris for this wonderful exhibition.

 Kids Guernica Paris, Ecole maternelle Schwartzenberg

Kids Guernica rue Madame 6e global
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Monday, April 16, 2018

The 2nd Kids' Guernica at Manila Japanese School in Philippine

April, 2018  
The second Kids' Guernica peace painting was created at Manila Japanese School attached to the Embassy of Japan in Philippine. The sixth grade students visited Baguio City in the northern Luzon island. Many Japanese people were living in this city before World War II. During the war time, some of them had to live very hard hiding they were Japanese. Many of those descendants are still living in this city. The students had an exchange program with those people in Abong and performed their original drama based on Sister Kaino's story. Through this excursion, they learned that they should not repeat the tragedy of war. They thought what they could do for peace and decided to create a Kids' Guernica peace paiting like last year. Each of the sixth grade students made his/her own peace painting and they discussed the suitable painting for a big canvas. After voting, Koharu Tanaka's "Friends Forever" and Miyu Kodama's "Love and Peace" were selected as a main design of the big canvas. Finally, the painting filled with all the sixth grade students' wishes for peace was displayed at the entrance of their school. It conveyed their message of peace to visiting children and parents.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise in Fukushima, JAPAN

March 27-30   A collaborative art workshop of Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise was held in Kawauchi Village, Fukushima, Japan.

Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise in Nikko, JAPAN

March 24, 2018   A collaborative art workshop of Kids' Guernica and Third Paradise was successfully held in Nikko, Japan.

Kids' Guernica at Nakateshima Elementary School, JAPAN

November, 2017  A Kids' Guernica peace painting was completed at nakateshima Elementary School, Osaka in Japan.