Monday, September 5, 2011

Kids' guernica at Global Village International Preschool, Japan

A Kids' Guernica workshop was held at Global Village International Preschool in Osaka, Japan.
Here is a message from the school:
Let’s make a difference together!!
We, Global Village International Preschool, have the Helping Hands Week every June. During that week, children find and pursue a helpful “job” around them that they can do by themselves. Through this experience the children can not only learn the benefit of helping others, but also have the opportunity to become more aware of the children who need help both in Japan and around the world.
Our school also contributes to charities through fundraising. This year Japan experienced an unprecedented disaster and the senior kindergartners raised funds to help these people affected. In addition we worked on the Kids Guernica project with the theme of uniting everyone in the world. We wish that our earth would be plentiful and peaceful in the future.