Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Kids’ Guernica Mural is Exhibited in Fukushima

September 04, 2012
A Kids’ Guernica mural is exhibited at Namie Elementary School in Fukushima, Japan. The mural was created by children of Nakateshima Elementary School, Osaka last year to show their support to the affected areas in the north-eastern part of Japan.
The town of Namie is located very near to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and all the students of Namie Elementary School had to evacuate to Nihonmatsu City, 50 km far away from the power plant. Currently, Namie Elementary School is in Nihonmatsu City.
Photo by Mr. Hideyuki Yokoyama, Editor in Chief of Education Division Shougakukan Publishing Company, Board Member of Renaissance of Japanese Education