Saturday, August 16, 2014

Peace Paintings from U.S.A., India and Martinique Exhibited in Nagasaki

August 09, 2014
Kids' Guernica paintings fromU.S.A., India and Mrtinique were displayed in Kids' Guernica Exhibition for the 69th Peace Memorial Day in Nagasaki, Japan.

From U.S.A.
"IMS for Peace"
The students at Indiantown Middle School completed this mural in the spring of 2010.  Every student enrolled in art classes worked on the mural as well as additional students, faculty and staff.  The mural was completed in a loose, style inspired by graffiti art.  Each student was encouraged to add words and images that they felt related to the idea of peace, which was then unified with a solid, yellow background.
Jennifer LoveGironda

From Bangalore, India
The peace painting was created by Indian Children who had experienced child labor and Japanese children from Fukushima. It was a good opportunity to know each other for both Indian and Japanese children through sharing their own hard experiences and creating a huge peace painting together.The workshop was organized by Born Free Art School and Born Free Art Japan.

From Martinique
Kids' Guernica in Martinique was coordinated by an Italian artist Savina Tarsitano as a part of her project Creativity in Motion for a social integration and a responsible transformation of the local community.  In 2007 the group of children and young people participated to Kids’Guernica project and they realized their own canvas entitled: “BREAKING THE CHAIN OF SLAVERY” a message of peace, tolerance, love and friendships.

The Italian artist Savina Tarsitano visited Nagasaki during the Kids' Guernica Exhibition for Peace Memorial day. She talked about her experience of Kids' Guernica in Martinique to children in Nagasaki. They were deeply impressed by her talk about Martinique emphasizing the importance of bringing hearts together and having a dream for the future.