Monday, November 3, 2014

Kids' Guernica at Kubo Junior High School in Japan

October 26, 2014
All of the 2nd grade students created a Kids’ Guernica peace painting at Kubo Junior High School in Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan and it was displayed at their School Culture Festival. At first, nine drafts which had gained more votes were selected among all the students. They composed a peace painting with these nine drafts and divided it into 150 parts. Each of the137 students and some teachers painted a peace image on each part. The whole painting expressed their strong wish for peace as well as each painting on all the parts of it. In the process of making the huge painting, they shared their own idea on peace. 

From the beginning, they thought and thought about peace and their ideas on peace were transformed into a huge peace painting. Finally, they could complete it and show it to many people on the day of School Culture Festival. Students and parents could appreciate not only the whole painting but also its each part. 

It was a good opportunity to understand other students’ opinions about peace. Some parts of the painting didn’t seem to match colors. However, this is exactly an interesting point of this project as each different painting by all the participants composes a huge image of peace.