Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Kids' Guernica in Nikko, Japan

March 20, 2016   A Kids' Guernica workshop was held in Nikko City, one of the famous resorts in Japan. Nikko is well-known as its cultural heritage and natural beauty in different seasons. The organizer thought a spirit of hospitality is the essential for a peaceful world and the painting represents it with various attractive elements of Nikko. From two-year old infants to more than seventy-year old grandmothers participated in making it. Kids' Guernica is an art project of kids but even adults who still have an innocent mind like a child can participate in it. After the completion, the painting was shown in a multi purpose hall for community on the municipal day of Nikko. A mini concert was held on the opening day and Kids' Guernica paintings from Italy and Poland were exhibited in the hall.