Thursday, August 27, 2009


Kids' Guernica is an international children's art project to create a peace mural on a Picasso's "Guernica" size (3.5m x 7.8m) canvas.What is this project? Slideshow ⇒

Pablo Picasso created "Guernica" to protest against the brutality of bombing during the Spanish civil war in 1937. He painted "Guernica"on a canvas, which made it possible to move from Paris to London, New York, and then Madrid.

Kids' Guernica peace mural is also painted on a movable canvas. Murals are usually painted on walls, which often imply separation. The movable mural is a metaphor for removing separation. World peace can not be accomplished without removing separation among nations, races, religions, cultures and people.

Kids' Guernica is an artwork on a global canvas, expressing the spirit of peace and connecting people. More than 160 peace paintings were already created in 40 countries of the world. If you connect all the workshop spots on the globe, a wonderful drawing will be appeared.