Thursday, August 27, 2009


1. What age group of children can participate in this project?

A: The age of participant children is not limited. From kindergarten children to high school students already participated.

2. How long will it take to complete a KIDS' GUERNICA painting?

A: It depends upon your plan. It took only for a few days to complete it in some workshops and it took more than one month in some workshops.

3. How many children are necessary to complete a KIDS' GUERNICA painting?

A: It depends upon your plan. Only twenty children complete their painting in a workshop. In some workshops, totally more than a hundred children participated.

4. Can you accept only a peace painting?

A: The main theme is 'peace'. Only the size (3.5 m x 7.8 m) is fixed but the expression is free. Not only a Guernica size painting but also a huge wood cut print on peace was already made in a workshop. You may create a new type of Guernica size art such as peace embroidery, peace patchwork, peace silk screen print, and so on.

5. What kind of colors were used to make a KIDS' GUERNICA painting?

A: Acrylic colors were used in most of the workshops. Acrylic paints for house construction, which are much cheaper, were used with acrylic colors in some workshop.

6. After finishing the painting, what should I do?

A: Send your workshop report with some digital images to Then it will be uploaded to this website.

7. Is it necessary to send the completed painting to the foreign exhibition?

A: Not necessary. You can keep it in your own place. If you want to participate in Kids' Guernica exhibitions, you may send your peace art to the exhibition organizer at your own expense. The information of upcoming exhibitions is available in this website.