Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Kids' Guernica in Umm El Fahm, Israel

December 30, 2018     The Umm El Fahm Art Gallery, hosted artist Raymond Watson and a group of young people from the Arab Israeli town of Umm El Fahm, to create their 'Our World' Guernica. 
Umm El Fahm, Kids Guernika, (Israel) was completed with a great and creative group of local young people...as is clearly illustrated by the fantastic full scale image that they produced. Their painting references Picasso's famous Guernica anti war painting with bunting style flags. The group then created their own solar system and illustrated each planet with their bright hopes. Special thanks to assistants Yasmin, Angham and Bian; and of course all at the Umm El Fahm Art Gallery, for hosting the project.